We are compiling a bibliography of fiction books, short stories, films, and television related to the geosciences. Fiction may feature geoscientists or have the geosciences as prominent plot or story element.  Check out our pinterest  and tumblr sites too!

Geofiction categories:


Scary, but not too scary. Rollicking, but not too rollicking.


Set in caves or with spelunkers as characters. Sometimes includes treasure caves.

Dinosaur Thrillers:

The perilous excitement of dinosaurs come back to life!

Film and Television:

On the big or little screen, see stereotypes detailed on this uncyclopedia page.

General Fiction:

All purpose fiction, with the implicit or explicit subtitle: a novel.

Graphic Novels:

Nothing says it better than a bunch of pictures.


Dinosaurs aren’t the only menacing, extinct, ancient creatures in popular imagination. Megaladons can terrorize in the water, in the snow, in the sand, and in nightmares.

Mystery or Forensic Geology:

Find popular authors that write about intrigue among scientists or about mysterious happenings on oil rigs, at archaeological sites or conventions, or out in the rugged field.


Ranchers, wildcatters, volcanologists, Romance has it all. The steamfog tumblr shows you the cover and gives you a short plot summary.

Short Stories:

Just a smidgen, just a hint of geosciences.


Saber-toothed cats, saber-toothed tigers.

Space & Planets:

Geology of moons and planets. Includes some world building.


Could be too scary and too rollicking.


The young’uns have a lot to choose from. K-12.

Online geofiction bibliographies:

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