A big OA Week thank you

Thanks to everyone who showed up for OA Week 2014 events! We had great discussions about OA issues and hope we sparked some long term interest in OA. We want to thank the UT Libraries administration for providing financial support for this week. And a big thanks to everyone who helped make our second annual OA Week a success.  In addition to everyone in the planning group, the following people were instrumental in making our OA events possible:

  • Greg Aker
  • Emilie Algenio
  • Geoff Bahre
  • Roxanne Bogucka
  • Dale Correa
  • Subhamoy Das
  • Joe Dobbs
  • Phil Doty
  • Janelle Hedstrom
  • David Hillis
  • Mason Jones
  • Frank Meaker
  • Erin McKiernan
  • Bonnie Brown Real
  • Jason Sick
  • Kathryn Strickland
  • Travis Willmann
  • All the cleaning crews at PCL and UTA

OA Week 2014 Planning Group

Here is the list of the wonderful people who volunteered to plan this year’s Open Access Week events.

  • Roxanne Bogucka
  • Carolyn Cunningham
  • Jee Davis
  • Allyssa Guzman
  • Georgia Harper
  • Colleen Lyon
  • Aizul Ortega
  • Kristi Park
  • Robyn Rosenberg
  • Kathryn Strickland

If you have questions about any of the OA Week events, please feel free to ask one of the group members!



The University of California Press will be launching a new open access journal that has a very interesting publication funding model. The journal will have a reasonable article processing charge (APC) of about $875. Of that, $250 will go into a pool that will pay editors and reviewers who work for the journal. Editors and reviewers collect points for making decisions on articles that are submitted to the journal. Payments are based on the total number of points for a given month. For example: if the activity on the journal generated 100 points for the month and you as a reviewer were responsible for 10 of those points, you would get 10% of the APC pool. You would then have an option to keep that money, or pay it forward to an OA fund at your institution or to a fund that future authors in that journal could use to pay their APCs. This will definitely be something to follow!

Here’s an interview with Neil Christensen, Director of Digital Development at UC Press, in which he explains the model in detail.

American dissertations from 1933-1955 now online

EBSCO Information Service has recently made the print index, Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities (DDAAU), available for free at http://www.OpenDissertations.com. The print index was published by the H.W. Wilson Company, who provided financial support for this project. The database covers dissertations that were completed between 1933-1955 at American universities. More information about the project is available here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2225010#ixzz3Ezj0aDhJ