Annotated Bibliography

General EAD Guidance

Publishing Platform Resources

Archives Space (AS)

Access to Memory (AtoM)

    The main AtoM website, which includes the AtoM download, an abundance of documentation, the official Wiki, and links to User Forum and GitHub. Also includes demo.
  • AtoM GitHub
    Backend development for AtoM.
  • Digital Curation Centre
    DCC overview of ICA-AtoM (an earlier version of AtoM).
  • Chave, Isabelle, and Claire Sibille-de Grimoüard. 2015. “Towards the Development of a National Archival Authority File in France: An Approach to Implement EAC-CPF.” Journal of Archival Organization 12, no. 1/2: 98—17. LISTA, EBSCOhost (accessed October 5, 2015):
    Journal article discussing AtoM implementation.

AtoM front-end interface examples (All allow export of EAD in XML):

eXtensible Text Framework (XTF)

XTF front-end interface examples:

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