Still Need Help!!!

Need help?
Not sure where to start?
File won’t validate?
Did you receive an email from Minnie Rangel saying the file you submitted has an error and you need help fixing it?

Contact the Education & Outreach Committee chair, who will make sure you get the help you need.

Want to hire someone to encode your finding aids and submit them to TARO for you? 

Several Texan archivists have identified themselves as willing to serve as “proxy encoders” — like a proxy researcher, but an EAD encoder!

You can make a financial arrangement with them directly to encode your finding aids, and a volunteer from the TARO Education & Outreach Committee  will serve as the encoder’s advisor in case of questions.

Please note that in most cases, these encoders are archivists who work full time, so expectations in terms of how many files they can handle in what timeframe will need to be discussed.

Email the proxy encoder and their advisor to get started.

  • Jeff Warner, Rice University as paid encoder / Amanda Focke, TARO Education & Outreach Committee member as volunteer advisor

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