Future Features of TARO

Improvements we will attempt to implement after the EAD 2002 transition:

XML Search. As the site content continues to expand, a more powerful set of search options will become important. Currently we index and search the HTML <table> version of the finding aids. Indexing the XML directly would make available a much richer set of search options. A shift to indexing and searching XML will probably necessitate generating HTML on the fly. When we move forward with this, in order to accomodate search engines such as Google, we would continue to produce a static version of the pages suitable for browsing.

Index Term Lists. Many times, simply providing users with an additional way to search an index (for instance via various specialized “fields”) is not enough to foster searches of either increased accuracy or precision. Fields we provide for searching via the TARO site sometimes feature only a handful of controlled terms in their index. The chances of a user coming from the outside and “guessing” what those terms are in order to construct a successful search are slim. For this reason, a future advanced search feature will allow users to browse the terms associated with a particular search field, via the Advanced Search HTML form, and select one or more for inclusion in their search.

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