XSL and the TARO Project

The TARO project employs a single XSL file based on the style sheets developed by Michael Fox for the EAD Cookbook to process the final XML finding aids into HTML. In the end, the Fox style sheets could only serve as a point of departure and the XSL file TARO uses represents a near complete reworking. The tagging variations introduced by the encoders and each repository has meant continual revision of the XSL file in order to maintain a consistent look for the TARO finding aids.

XSL makes it possible to perform Two separate “transformations” on the original XML finding aids:

  • HTML tables view
  • HTML printer friendly view

These document views form the current basis of the TARO online archive. It is the HTML tables view of the finding aids which is indexed, searched and displayed.

The TARO XSL file is exclusively concerned with the transformation properties provided by the current XSL standard. Because of this, local repositories will not find the file of use in creating new finding aids directly in XML. Time constraints within the grant did not allow us to address the formatting necessary for the TARO finding aids to be viewed in a native XML browser or editor.

A link to each raw XML finding aid is made available on the TARO online archive for those users interested in running the XML files in conjunction with their own formatting XSL file.

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