Uploading to TARO

Transferring finished XML files to Austin with SSH

“SSH” stands for “secure shell” and is an encrypted way of communicating with remote servers versus the telnet and FTP approaches that have been around for years. For TARO repositories, this change necessitates the use of different software in order to transfer files to the TARO production server. The software is free and these pages explain how to use it.

The University of Texas Libraries have migrated all their server communications to this more secure form. The end result is a set of servers less prone to attack, thereby indirectly supporting uninterrupted and uncompromised access to the repositories’ data

Using SSH Secure File Transfer Client for Windows

  1. Installing SSH for the First Time.
  2. Configuring SSH for the First Time.

Uploading XML Files with SSH

  • If SSH is not open, open SSH Secure File Transfer Client now.


  • Provided that you have already configured SSH as described above, select your profile from FILE—-PROFILES—taro_ftp (or the name you used).


  • Enter your password in the “Password” pop-up and click “OK”.


  • SSH’s right window-pane (remote Web server), should display the directory you want to upload your files to. It is crucial that you are in the correct directory/subdirectory before going to the next step. Click inside the pull_down menu (highlighted in dark blue) and make sure that home/username (tslac..uthrc..uhme..etc) appears in the box.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  New repositories will find the right window-pane empty with maybe a “bin” directory only, for established TARO repositories it will contain your already uploaded xml files (see figure below)


  • When you are sure that you are in the correct directory, use the OPERATION menu and locate the “Upload Dialog” (see below)


  • This pops up an “upload window” find the directory you keep your taro files in…Select the file(s) to upload (press down the control key if you need to select more than one). The files will appear grayed out in the “filename box” once you have all the files selected click the upload button and they will be uploaded.


  • You are done uploading. Quit SSH.

disconnect  exit

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