Configuring FileZilla for the First Time

Using Filezilla Client for Windows

Configuring FileZilla for the First Time

If you are a first-time user of FileZilla, you can customize the software so that it automatically opens in your TARO XML directory. Follow the steps below to learn how to connect to the TARO server and SAVE this information as a profile for future transfers.

  • If FileZilla is not open, open FileZilla Client now.

FileZilla Desktop Icon

  • A “defaultsftp” box appears, click File—-Site Manager to create a new connection.

Default View


  • Click New Site and name it “taro_ftp.”


  • For the “Protocol” field, select SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  • In the “Host Name” field type the name of the Web server you will be uploading your pages to. For TARO the Host Name is
  • Enter your logon id in the “User” box.
  • Select the “Logon Type” as “Ask for password.”


Settings for New Connection


  • Hit the “Connect” button.


  • This opens to a listing of your files…the left side is your desktop and the right is the remote server.
  • You are done configuring your FileZilla client…you can now start uploading files or exit.

Disconnect for FileZillaExiting FileZilla


Next Step


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