Setting Up Transformation Scenario

  • OxygenXML –> Menu Bar –> Configuration Wrench Icon
    (Make sure it is the wrench with the arrow not the check mark)


  • Creating a new Scenario (depending on your use, you might have others already installed or available)


  • Select XML transformation with XSLT from drop-down list


    -Name the Scenario so that it is easy to use (TARO)
    -Locate the XSL you downloaded using the folder so that the correct path gets added to the location box.


  • Output TAB: This will open the transformtion in your browser as test.html
    -Make Sure the Name is correct: (TARO)
    -Select “Save As” enter test.html in box
    -Check “Open in browser” box
    -Select “Saved file”
    -Hit “OK” to save scenario


  • Using Transformation Scenario
    -The first time: Open the wrench tool and select the scenario you   created
    -Click “Apply associated” this will run the scenario
    -If you have multiple scenarios you will have to use the above 2 b     steps each time to make sure you select the correct scenario
    -But if you only have one scenario, after the first time you can use   the big red arrow next to the wrench tool and this will run the         scenario for you.


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