TARO Redesign Timeline

2018 Activities

  • Confirmed UT Libraries as organizational home for TARO
  • Submitted implementation grant application to NEH, in Summer, with Spring 2019 notification date
  • Submitted and was awarded Summerlee Foundation grant funding the encoding of hundreds of new finding aids

2017 Activities

  • Conduct¬†organizational home discussions
  • Additional planning for sustainability
  • Gathering TARO member feedback on additional topics
  • Writing implementation grant for Summer 2018 submission

January 2016

  • Planning meeting for stakeholders (facilitated by Project Manager and Steering Committee Co-Chairs). Agenda items will include: status report by Project Manager on implementation planning and tasks as outlined in methodology, with possible distribution of additional charges to Working Groups; status reports by Working Group chairs on policy work and other tasks in progress, with Steering Committee feedback; review of usability studies preparation by Project Manager; live presentation of pilot-tested platforms with review of customization issues by Technologies & Website Working Group; possible selection of platform from pilots (Steering Committee); discuss student data normalization reports and identify next steps for schema-compliance and descriptive standardization projects (Steering Committee); Funding & Sustainability Working Group presents three sustainability models to be reviewed by TARO members

February-April 2016

  • Technologies & Website Working Group studies alternate platforms, if necessary
  • TARO Outreach & Education Working Group creates plan for TARO member repository training to be created during implementation phase (e.g., in-person training, webinars)
  • TARO Working Groups drafts are posted to TARO wiki for full TARO member feedback

May-June 2016

  • TARO Working Groups revise policy documents based on membership feedback
  • Present project findings at SSA annual meeting, adopt policy documents (Steering Committee)
  • Project Manager submits white paper and supporting planning documentation to UT Libraries and Steering Committee

August-December 2016

  • Panel session at SAA Annual Meeting in August 2016 (Steering Committee member)
  • NEH planning grant report was finished in November 2016

July 2015

  • Hire TARO Planning Project Manager, consultant position (UT Libraries staff)
  • Introductory meeting for TARO stakeholders (facilitated by Project Manager and Steering Committee Co-Chairs). Agenda items include: introducing upcoming grant tasks, clarifying communication methods and addressing member questions; UT Technical Team will briefly discuss status of dtd- to schema-compliance issue, outline services offered during pilot systems testing, and field questions; planning for usability testing during implementation phase will be discussed; and speaker from a peer consortium will address the group, sharing their experiences and fielding questions.
  • Data normalization student intern positions posted on UT iSchool Capstone projects page and iSchool employment site with subsequent hire (Briscoe Center staff)
  • Review results of brief user and member repositories; surveys in progress are available at: user survey and member repository survey. ¬†Summarize findings and report to Steering Committee (TARO Planning Project Manager)

August-September 2015

  • TARO Technologies & Websites Working Group will create representative sample of TARO finding aids (3 per institution) for use in upcoming platform pilot testing. Work will include converting dtd- to schema-compliant finding aids using existing script. Schema-compliance data normalization intern will assist, gathering information on common errors.
  • Presentation at SAA Annual Meeting announcing planning project and inviting feedback (Planning Project Manager and/or Steering Committee member)
  • UT Technical team installs software platforms (XTF, ArchivesSpace and ICA-AToM) for pilot tests (1 week set up for each platform). Technologies & Website Working Group collaborates with UT Technical team on platform customizations (1 week per platform)
  • Data normalization student interns begin work at the Briscoe Center. Schema-compliance intern meets with UT Libraries Technical Team, Project Manager, and Briscoe Center site supervisor for an introduction to common issues impacting batch migration to schema-compliance
  • TARO Working Groups begin policy infrastructure planning and other tasks as outlined in project methodology and Appendix G. Descriptive standards data normalization intern attends all virtual meetings of Standards Working Group
  • TARO Technologies & Websites Group updates TARO functional requirements document
  • TARO Funding & Sustainability Working Group begins TARO sustainability modeling

October-December, 2015

  • Pilot testing and evaluation of three test platforms (Technologies & Website Working Group)
  • TARO Working Groups continue policy planning work and other charges
  • Ad hoc Usability Working Group convenes
  • Data normalization interns deliver reports to site supervisors

Pre-grant activities

  • Presentation at SSA Annual Meeting (May 2015) announcing project and describing methods for input by TARO contributors (e.g., TARO listserv signup) (Steering Committee)
  • Post TARO Planning Project Manager consultant position (UT Libraries)

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