TARO Committees-Contacts

How does the TARO Steering Committee work? 

Steering Committee 2019: 


Chair: Amanda Focke

  • Investigate at peer systems’ governance structures
  • Report and discuss with Steering Committee
  • Propose a formal board structure for TARO


Co-chairs: Becky Romanchuk & Carla Alvarez

  • Draft EAD Best Practices Guidelines (BPG) that comply with the newly released EAD3 schema and second edition of Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS)
  • Consider how peer consortia have handled repositories’ use of different standards for controlled vocabulary (e.g., Library of Congress subject headings vs. Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus terms).
  • Discuss the possible role of broad thematic (e.g., Education, Arts and Humanities) and geographic (e.g., West Texas) browse terms that will provide easy entry points to TARO finding aids.

Funding & Sustainability

Chair: Amy Bowman

  • Explore grant funding possibilities for update / development of TARO.
  • Explore whether any peer systems use a membership fee to sustain operations.

Outreach & Education

Chair: James Williamson

  • Keep membership aware of of the Steering Committee’s efforts 2015-2016 and ongoing changes
  • Solicit feedback from TARO members (comments / questions)
  • Develop training materials

Technologies & Website

Chair: Robert Weaver

  • Understand technical implications of TARO standards, users, and goals
  • Advise on possible technical directions for TARO
  • Manage and train other members to use/update TARO Today blog
  • Plan and facilitate platform evaluations
  • Produce user personas and use cases
  • Create evaluation matrix for platform evaluation
  • Conduct Q&A with platform reps
  • Create technical documentation that can be shared with member repositories (Work with Outreach Committee)

 QA Finding Aid

Chair: Sandra Yates

  • Volunteers from various TARO repositories will review Word finding aids for adherence to TARO standards before forwarding to a vendor for EAD encoding.
  • Members will review the EAD finding aids encoded by the vendor.
  • Communicate with Participating Repositories of the Summerlee grant funded New Member Initiative, as needed.

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