Our Technology Demonstrator Collection

In addition to our work to identify new technologies to assist in serving library users, we will often be asked to evaluate new hardware or gadgets for how they might best fit into the services that the UT Libraries offers.  We poke them and prod them and hopefully find their benefits and weaknesses before rolling them out into service.

Our team needs to be building and testing our interfaces so that they work on these next generation devices.  Our users are accessing our sites from a growing array of rich media devices and trying to test on all of them can be a challenge.

We want to make it easy for other UT Libraries staff to get experience with the devices before they show up in our collections or in our users’ hands.  

As we add devices, we will add posts here with the tag [techlib]  Anybody who evaluates the device is welcome to post comments about their experience with it.  If you happen to want to suggest a device for us to test, you can add your comments to this post.