TIS & HR Transform Managment of Staff Directory

TIS and HR worked together to streamline the process for updating the Libraries Staff Directory.  Previous management of the Staff Directory was performed on a spreadsheet with periodical request to TIS in order to update the Web Site. A new system has been developed allowing HR to manage the Staff Directory in the Libraries Content Management System. This new process reduces the amount of staff and reduces request needed to preform updates. The new process also provides instant publication of staff changes.

In order to provide a variety of ways to handle the data TIS also provided HR with a method to export their data as a spreadsheet. Providing the additional format allows HR the ability to print, view and communicate with the staff directory in the same methods previously used, there-buy not interrupting already existing work flows.

TIS can now start working with branches and departments to create their own views of staff listings while insuring the views always remain updated without any additional steps.


LIBsearch in Review

TIS released the Libraries search box, LIBsearch, at the start of 2009. For a full review of this project visit our previous LIBsearch blog post. With 2009 surfacing as a year for users to learn about this new feature, 2010 became a year to review LIBsearch’s overall usage. With Library Systems help, TIS was able to gather statistics on search counts for 2010 showing a total of 1,020,610 with a monthly average of 85,050. The graphics below provide breakdowns by month.

Percentage by month:

Search count by month:

LIBsearch monthly average: 85,050

LIBsearch total searches: 1,020,610