Perry-Castañeda Library Redesign

TIS worked closely with the Perry-Castañeda Library staff to re-organize and redesign the site. PCL staff reduced the amount of content and worked with TIS to develop a new structure that resulted in improved navigation. Consistency with other recent branch redesigns, such as FAL, APL, MSL, and Classics, were maintained by following similar templates, but the PCL site was customized to fit its needs.

Home Page

Content duplication was reduced by integrating Library hours, staff contact information, and locations guide from their central locations. Now, hours will automatically update when the central hours application is updated. Staff contact information will automatically update when Human Resources updates, adds, or removes staff from the central staff directory. The PCL location guide will automatically update when the central location guide is updated.

PCL Staff Contact and Location Guide

New Video tutorials were integrated into content layouts, and panels were used to allow content editors the ability to edit while reducing the chance of layout errors.

Panel and Tutorial Integration

Implementing the redesign included re-organizing the site while being served to production from the Content Management System. The transition required updating and deleting content in order to provide a new structure. Re-organizing live content required tracking URL changes and updating links. After content was re-organized, the site was transferred to a development server, the design was developed into a theme, and it was  applied to production.

A special thanks goes to Susanne Ristow for heading up the Perry-Castañeda Library redesign.

Signature Course Faculty Toolkit Rebuild

The Signature Course faculty toolkit provides resources for integrating information literacy into class curriculum. TIS, along with Library Instruction Services, completed a rebuild of the Signature Course Faculty Toolkit while transitioning it to the Libraries Content Management System.

A previous project to develop the toolkit was completed for the 2009-2010 school year. Over the course of the year feedback was received resulting in a decision to redesign the toolkit. The redesign simplifies the site by bringing focus to searching, browsing by tags, and by providing graphical icons for Faculty Examples.

Landing Page
Landing Page

The rebuild provided the opportunity to transition the toolkit into the Libraries Content Management System. The previous version was managed from an XML file, with a complex schema, requiring precise manual entries with manual linking of files. By adding the toolkit to the CMS content owners have been able to add and update content with consistent tagging, easily interlinking objects, and quickly attaching files while navigating the site.

Editing Objects
Editing Objects

Already the ease of updating the toolkit has proven to be a great improvement. We hope users find the site improved with more updated content.