Summon Usability Testing Update

The new search box design will be based on three inputs:

  1. A review of the current search box usage
  2. An heuristic evaluation of 27 other schools’ Summon implementations
  3. Usability testing on 7 other schools’ homepage implementations of Summon: summary here

Review of current search box usage

For June 2012, a breakdown of searches performed on our tabbed search:

Books & More: Catalog 54%
Books & More: WorldCat 2%
Books & More: Google Books 1%
Articles: Summon 15%
Articles: Google Scholar 9%
Journals: Electronic 16%
Journals: Print 1%
CDs/DVDs: CD 1%
CDs/DVDs: DVD 2%

A look at percentages over the past year yields similar percentages, although the Summon traffic was previously going to MetaLib.  In the past, we haven’t been able to track queries input under specific tabs, but we now can thanks to a script created by Casey Hunt.  This will allow us to analyze, for example, whether users are mistakenly putting subject keyword in the Journals tab.  A review of a small data set reveals that some users are doing just that, while others are correctly inputting journal titles.  I’d like to analyze this further with the help of a librarian who’s more familiar all the titles.

Next steps

  • Create the new design and prototype test
  • Implement and test live
  • Release

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or a representative on the Summon Implementation team with any questions or feedback.

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