CloudOn – the App

If you have ever wanted to natively edit an MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint document directly from your iOS device, then the free app CloudOn may be your solution.

As its name implies, CloudOn is a cloud computing endeavor.  But this cloud is not for storage.   CloudOn is designed to be a cloud workspace.  CloudOn brings the MS Office trilogy of Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly to your iOS device and links it with the files in your cloud storage accounts on Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.


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CloudOn features a built-in Adobe reader for PDF files and its own File Viewer that will let you open and view jpg, png, and gif files.  Sharing documents from within CloudOn is done through e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc., if you have those apps on your iOS device.

Installation is as easy as downloading the CloudOn app then running the step-by-step installer.  After that, select the cloud storage apps with which you wish to link with CloudOn.

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New accessibility tool coming

UT is stepping up its accessibility efforts. Our current tool for automated accessibility checking, WebXM, is no longer being properly updated and supported. Members of TIS attended an information session last week to learn about the university’s plan going forward.

Within a few weeks, departments will begin gaining access to a new tool called WorldSpace Sync. Over the course of 2013, all of UT will transition into the new tool and retire WebXM.

Central ITS will run scans of the Libraries site and provide a report card that highlights issues with alt image text, color contrast, form issues, broken links, etc, while also checking for the presence of mandatory links, including a link to UT’s home page. TIS will be able to assign known issues to various web authors, each of whom will utilize an account within WorldSpace Sync.

FireEyes, a plug-in to the Firebug extension for Firefox, provides an optional interface that will allow web authors to make and check fixes within the browser, comment, and mark tasks as completed. It does require running Firefox 15 or older so we’ll be working with MCS to determine how staff can best utilize this plug-in.

We’ll provide more information and training as things progress.