Interactive Maps and Technology

A current trend of interactive map making is for institutions to bring in a third-party vendor who has experience building maps, the proprietary software for interactivity and the hardware muscle to keep these interactive sites running on the vendor’s servers (while being accessed on the Client’s local web browser).

UT’s own Tarlton Law Library at the UT School of Law has implemented a product called “StackMap” to create their own online catalog called “Tallons”.  In doing so, Tarlton has created an interactive map that when accessed from a catalog entry within Tallons displays within the floor plan the location of the book or material in question.

When the desired material is found in Tallons, click on the title of the material, then click on the “Map It!” button and a multi-functional pop-up window appears with a location marker displaying the material sought.  (See image below.)

“Tallons” the Online Catalog of the Tarlton Law Library.

Interactive Maps Interacting with Technology
Some interactive maps will feature a larger, more detailed pop-up image of the one on which the site visitor clicks or over which the mouse hovers.  These pop-ups can contain detailed information such as the person occupying the space, their e-mail and phone number; all of this information being pulled from an active directory.

Simple Interactive Pop-Up Window of an Individual’s Details. (

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