Drupal Gardens: Cultivate your Drupal Skills

If you want to familiarize yourself with Drupal, but don’t want to go through the hassle of an installation, Drupal Gardens might be for you. Drupal Gardens is essentially what WordPress.com is to WordPress.org: instead of downloading the Drupal files and hosting them yourself, your Drupal Gardens site will be hosted and maintained by Acquia, the developer of Drupal Gardens. Of course, since it is free, you will need to have .drupalgardens.com at the end of your domain name. However, the starter version will acquaint you with the basic concepts of creating a Drupal site and navigating the Drupal dashboard. Here is a site I created in an hour – okay, maybe more like three, but still:


If, after creating your site, you yearn for more than the mere starter package, a variety of pricing plans are available which will give you not only more customization, bandwidth, storage etc., but also an independent domain name. Or, if you find that you’re ready for more than a Drupal garden–for an entire Drupal cropland you could saythe full-blown Drupal installation can be found at Drupal.org.