Currently, I am the new UX GRA at TIS, and I will be working with the Information Architect, Jade Diaz, on improving the user experience of various interfaces throughout the semester. I will be taking part in:

  • understanding project requirements
  • usability assessments and documentation
  • generating information architecture and prototypes for new designs
  • helping web authors maintain and update content in Drupal

How I got here:

I’ve always been fascinated with understanding how people process information and how this information helps them make decisions in their lives, so I got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University. Unfortunately, I came to realize that getting a PhD in psychology was not for me, so I began looking into other areas that incorporated psychology, but did not require clinical training.

I didn’t ever feel a strong pull towards technology, but my dad is obsessed with the history of computing hardware, so there were always weirdly huge and old computers all over the house that I couldn’t be less interested in. However, I was fascinated with how different those old interfaces looked compared to my new iMac G3 (which obviously rocked the ‘Flower Power’ design). I couldn’t even imagine how someone could use a computer without windows or menus or icons.

When I decided to try to bridge these two interests, one of understanding how people learn and process information, and another of understanding how to improve interface designs to increase usability, I came across the field of HCI. I looked at a few different graduate programs, and decided to attend UT’s Master’s program in Information Studies. I am specializing in usability, information architecture, and UX research/design.

Other than school and work, I love spending time with my two wonderful cats, Gus and Sophie. I also got a guitar for Christmas, so I’m trying to teach myself a few things. I sort of like working out, and love spending time with friends and family.