What are digital humanities and digital scholarship?

sticky notes with questions from the brown-bag
At the beginning of the brown-bag, participants were encouraged to write on a sticky note a) what are you expecting &/or hoping for today, b) what you think of when someone says “digital humanities” or “digital scholarship”, and then post it on the whiteboard at the front of the room.


Today, we had a lively & well-attended lunchtime discussion exploring digital humanities and digital scholarship. We looked at some examples of DH/DS projects and then discussed some of the questions folks had like

  • What’s the difference between digital humanities and digital scholarship?
  • What about open access and copyright?
  • Can you talk about DH/DS without using jargon?
  • What is and isn’t digital scholarship?

Here are some links to some of the projects and resources we looked at, along with some additional information to help you continue exploring the topic:

project examples

text analyis


GeoHumanities (maps)

network graphs


examples of academic “centers” of varying scope

toolboxes, training, participation

more information

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