What are digital humanities & digital scholarship? brown-bag feedback

I thought I’d share a couple of themes that emerged while I was reading through the survey responses from yesterday’s brown-bag.

First, a number of people were relieved to know that they aren’t alone in struggling with some of these topics – especially what is and isn’t digital humanities and how it is different from digital scholarship.

A number of participants think this is exciting and important work, and that the Libraries should be talking about what our role is and how we can catch up with what our many peers are doing and become more involved in what is already going on here at UT.

Several other participants were interested to learn how much knowledge and expertise the Libraries already has scattered throughout the staff.

In our short time, not everyone’s questions were addressed. For example, one respondent left unclear about how digital scholarship work fits into the Library’s responsibilities. [Ed. Note: I’d answer that many parts of the scholarship lifecycle have always been and continue to be part of library work, including preservation of and increasing access to information, whether analog or digital.]

UT digital humanities & digital scholarship meetup at the Dog & Duck Pub
UT digital humanities & digital scholarship meetup at the Dog & Duck Pub (RIP), Fall 2014.

If you are interested in joining in the DH/DS conversation at UT, consider joining the Digital Humanities Discussion List. Since last fall, monthly networking meetups have been providing a space for folks involved in or curious about DH/DS work to come together. Collaborations have already been born there and, as I think about the Library’s role, I’ve found it very helpful to hear what’s already happening around campus and what challenges students and faculty are facing. The next one is 4-6pm on February 5th at the Hole in the Wall / East Side King. Join us!

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