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U.S. Latino & Latina World War II Oral History Project

TIS is proud to have our work featured in a three part series from News8 Austin. The U.S. Latino & Latina World War II Oral History Project, created by UT Professor Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, has been making an impact since it went live several months ago.

Professor Rivas-Rodriguez brought her work and the website into the national headlines when Ken Burns’ documentary on PBS, “The War”, added Latino veterans to the program (after not including them in the original cut of the documentary).

The website has an extensive searchable database of transcripts and videos of interviews with these WW2 veterans. Also featured are hundreds of photographs, both then and now, of these heroic individuals.

Not only does this body of work from Professor Rivas-Rodriguez serve as an important historical and research source of information, it has also served to reunite friends and family members that have until now, not been able to make contact.

Below are PDFs of the website stories from News8 Austin.

News8 Austin Story 01

News8 Austin Story 02

News8 Austin Story 03