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Recent Arrivals Application

Recent Arrivals

We’ve launched our Recent Arrivals app, which features any item that’s been added to the catalog in the past 30 days along with any item that is on a designated new book shelf in a branch library.

Users have the option to filter these results by branch location, material type, and language.Results can be sorted by title or date added to the catalog.Any search combination, which can be defined as narrowly as Italian DVDs at the Fine Arts Library, can be saved as an RSS feed.

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Reviews in the Library Catalog using WordPress

The University of Texas Libraries just launched a new reviews feature in our Library Catalog. We used WordPress to create a blog that stores all of the reviews. By using the TDO Mini Forms plugin for WordPress, we were able to provide a way for users to submit content to the blog. Each user-submitted posts goes through a moderation process where they are approved or rejected by someone at the library. Then, using a bit of Javascript and PHP, we were able to embed the reviews within an iframe in our library catalog. Click here for an example.

Hopefully our users will find this new feature to be a useful addition to the information provided in the catalog.

LibraryThing for Libraries added to UT OPAC

We turned on LibraryThing for Libraries in our III OPAC on Monday.  It is a relatively simple javascript plugin that is added to the bib_display.  We uploaded a file to their server with a list of our ISBNs and now when there is a match, the plugin enables 3 possible features.  Depending on whether there is data for the title you are viewing, you will see recommended titles, other editions and translations and a tag browser from tags associated to the item by LibraryThing users.  All links presented by the plug-in take you to other items in your own catalog.

If you are curious about LTFL, here is their FAQ.

Adding Google Book Search API in the Library Catalog

We had the chance to add the new Google Book Search Viewability API to the library catalog and we took it. It uses javascript to show a link from our full records if those items exist in Google Book Search. The link will appear if the item has either full text of a limited preview. We decided not to display the link if the item only has a minimal record there.

You can see a limited preview link here.