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New search box featuring scoUT goes live

It’s the first day of classes and we’re very excited to announce that students are finding a brand new search box on the homepage.  Based on a naming contest this summer, we branded our Summon search “scoUT.”  It provides, for the first time, the ability to search over multiple databases and content types, in one place, and get fast, filterable results.  This is a big deal!






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LIBsearch in Review

TIS released the Libraries search box, LIBsearch, at the start of 2009. For a full review of this project visit our previous LIBsearch blog post. With 2009 surfacing as a year for users to learn about this new feature, 2010 became a year to review LIBsearch’s overall usage. With Library Systems help, TIS was able to gather statistics on search counts for 2010 showing a total of 1,020,610 with a monthly average of 85,050. The graphics below provide breakdowns by month.

Percentage by month:

Search count by month:

LIBsearch monthly average: 85,050

LIBsearch total searches: 1,020,610


Recent Arrivals Application

Recent Arrivals

We’ve launched our Recent Arrivals app, which features any item that’s been added to the catalog in the past 30 days along with any item that is on a designated new book shelf in a branch library.

Users have the option to filter these results by branch location, material type, and language.Results can be sorted by title or date added to the catalog.Any search combination, which can be defined as narrowly as Italian DVDs at the Fine Arts Library, can be saved as an RSS feed.

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LIBsearch: new tabbed search box

Spurred by the realization that our home page lacked a clear starting point, and that patrons are confused about their various search options, the Libraries recently decided to implement a tabbed search box.  We wanted it to be prominent, simple, and intuitive.

A working group was formed to determine what tabs and sub-choices we should include as well as to make recommendations on functionality and aesthetics.

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U.S. Latino & Latina World War II Oral History Project

TIS is proud to have our work featured in a three part series from News8 Austin. The U.S. Latino & Latina World War II Oral History Project, created by UT Professor Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, has been making an impact since it went live several months ago.

Professor Rivas-Rodriguez brought her work and the website into the national headlines when Ken Burns’ documentary on PBS, “The War”, added Latino veterans to the program (after not including them in the original cut of the documentary).

The website has an extensive searchable database of transcripts and videos of interviews with these WW2 veterans. Also featured are hundreds of photographs, both then and now, of these heroic individuals.

Not only does this body of work from Professor Rivas-Rodriguez serve as an important historical and research source of information, it has also served to reunite friends and family members that have until now, not been able to make contact.

Below are PDFs of the website stories from News8 Austin.

News8 Austin Story 01

News8 Austin Story 02

News8 Austin Story 03