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UT Libraries Home Page one of the most Popular on Campus

When comparing web page statistics across campus, the Libraries home page consistently scores in the top three. The university home page, registration pages and the College of Liberal Arts home page often land in the top three rankings as well. Snapshots of pages viewed in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2011 are below.

Spring (April) 2011
Summer (June) 2011
Fall (October) 2011

When analyzing the statistics, we see the Libraries home page not only receives a high number of page views, but also has a high count of unique views, which indicates that page views are often not from the same users. The time spent on the home page is two minutes, suggesting that viewers are scanning the page and not just clicking through. Because of the high usage the Libraries LIBsearch receives, it is not surprising that the Libraries home page is so frequently visited.

A sample of  Spring, Summer, and Fall was taken because a complete range of data was not available for the Spring and Fall semesters. In the future, we will compile semester-long snapshots; for now, though, it is clear that judging by partial semesters only, the Libraries home page is among the most visited and most popular on campus!


LIBsearch in Review

TIS released the Libraries search box, LIBsearch, at the start of 2009. For a full review of this project visit our previous LIBsearch blog post. With 2009 surfacing as a year for users to learn about this new feature, 2010 became a year to review LIBsearch’s overall usage. With Library Systems help, TIS was able to gather statistics on search counts for 2010 showing a total of 1,020,610 with a monthly average of 85,050. The graphics below provide breakdowns by month.

Percentage by month:

Search count by month:

LIBsearch monthly average: 85,050

LIBsearch total searches: 1,020,610