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Introducing TISandbox

This fall, TIS started a new thing we’re calling TISandbox. Every Friday afternoon, anyone who has the time and inclination meets in our conference room and explores a technology topic that we don’t have an opportunity to explore in the normal course of our work. Sometimes the topic is familiar to someone in the group & they lead the session, but sometimes we all explore an unknown area together. In the spring, we plan to invite the Libraries staff to join us occasionally, so keep an eye out for an invitation. So far, we’ve had seven Sandboxes. Here is a list of them, along with links to some of the resources we used/explored/identified for a couple of the sessions. The lists were intended as jumping-off points, so we may not have actually explored every link during the actual session. Additionally, they aren’t comprehensive, and they shouldn’t be taken as endorsements of any kind, but we thought we’d go ahead and share anyway. October 17: Open Refine October 24: Open Street Map November 7: November 14: software versioning

November 21: exploring the Geology ETD data set with Open Refine December 5: text analysis tools December 12: wireframing tools