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Infographics and Data Visualizations

Two of the most effective and difficult to master forms of communication are the infographic and the data visualization.

Each of these can be thought of as a tool in a communication toolbox.  And like any other kind of toolbox in the real world, it should have more than just two tools within it.  Infographics and data visualizations are just parts of the Marketing Mix or of the Communications Plan.  They must be supported by other tools such as a Mission or Marketing Statement, a Creative Statement, and a circular Product Life Cycle plan whose last step is always to “Re-evaluate Step One and begin again”.

With the access of data from around the world at our keyboard, the danger of information overload is an often encountered problem.  And as the number of people accessing this information increases, so does the number of people creating even more information.

At times, the vast amount of information on a given subject can be useless. However, at other times, the vast amount of information on a given subject can be priceless and valuable.

An infographic is the graphic presentation and communication of data that has been found, researched and analyzed (usually by an entity other than the one creating the infographic).  Most infographics are created and presented in large format print, generally poster size.  An infographic allows the message conveyed by the data to be displayed in a rich variety of executions – from fun and unique, to straightforward and formal.

Is this a humorous infographic? Or is it just a cute poster?

Infographic of Geeks versus Nerds.
Graphic courtesy of

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Readability – the App.

Readability the Reader App

Browsing the world of free “reader apps”, I came across Readability. There are pay reader apps out there that do much more and pay reader apps that do much less. But any apps with key functionality and rich user interface design deserve a little more attention – especially when they are free.

Like all things in life, Readability is not going to appeal to everyone, nor is it going to fit everyone’s definition of what the perfect reader app should do. However, if you are looking for a reader app that gives you the ability to download web pages and articles to read offline; and if a clean, crisp, modifiable page layout is important to you; and if it is important to you when the app button says “FREE”, Readability is worth reviewing.

Readability is a “service” delivered via a mobile app and/or a browser add-ons that allows you to organize articles or web pages for reading when you are online or download articles or web pages for reading later when you are offline. According to Readability, they want “to turn any page into a clean comfortable reading view” in order to create a “web designed for readers”.

The basic choices given by Readability are “Read Now” or “Read Later”. Reading now or reading later can both be done online, but Readability lends itself to be used as a tool of leisure reading, a gatherer of sorts, of material to be downloaded and read later when you are offline.


Creating Your Account
A simple registration process is required for you to open an account with Readability. They will send a confirmation e-mail to the address you provide, so be sure to use a working address from which you can respond to this confirmation.


Readability, the signup screen.

(The sign up screen for Readability.)

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