Looking for a good book?

Need something to read while sunning yourself at Barton Springs? Here are two new ways the Libraries can provide some useful reading recommendations.

1) When you search for a title in the Library Catalog, you’ll now see recommendations in the full record for related reading generated by users of LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com). Each title also displays the tags that LibraryThing users have assigned to the books they’ve read. Click on an interesting tag to find other related books.

Click here for an example.

2) Check out the titles that faculty members are recommending through the Freshman Reading Roundup. While only incoming freshman can sign up for a book discussion with the faculty member, the faculty recommendations can be a useful starting point for finding a new and interesting book to read.


Vote on new furniture in PCL!

From now until June 26, visit the 5th floor to vote on new furniture we’re considering for PCL. The sample chairs are arranged right off the elevator lobby as you head towards the R and S stack areas.

Check them out and then submit your vote to the ballot boxes near the furniture.

Questions? Let me know!