Tip Jar Post #3: Request DVDs & CDs from the Fine Arts Library

Two characters talking about how easy and cheap (free!) it is to request DVDs and CDs from the Fine Arts Library

Dying to get your hands on a CD or DVD, but just can’t bring yourself to walk all the way over to the stadium to check ’em out from the Fine Arts Library? Don’t fret! You barely have to move a muscle. You can request them online! It’ll take 2-4 days to arrive at the library of your choice, and you’ll even get an email notifying you that’s it’s in.

Disclaimer: You still have to propel yourself to the library to get actual paper books and journal articles, but stay tuned to News for Undergrads and more Tip Jar posts to find out how to access other materials electronically (and while still in your PJs.)

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