Tip Jar Post #6 : Using Google Scholar to Find Articles in the UT Libraries

two female students talk about how to use Google Scholar using their laptops

So you thought you were taking a shortcut by using Google Scholar to get scholarly articles for your paper. But then when you clicked on Get This Article, it said you had to pony up $30! What the..?

It’s all good. Just go through the library’s website instead, and you’ll be able to access scholarly articles without getting charged.

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Tip Jar Post #5 : Placing Your Topic in Context Using Background Information

You just need a book on the civil rights movement for class – how hard could that be? Since the UT Libraries has over 9 million items to search through, it might take longer than you think, but, have no fear because we’ve got library tips to help!

Topics like the civil rights movement are really broad and it helps to get some basic information about the topic before diving in to get a more specific book, journal, or article. You’ve probably used a certain online encyclopedia to do the same thing, but we’ve also got resources here at the library that can help you narrow down your topic or brush up on specific details of a broader topic. Use one of our most popular resources, Gale Virtual Reference Library to help place your topic in context.

Helpful Tips

  • Too many search results for your topic (ex: voting rights)? Try to narrow it down by adding another keyword (ex: women).
  • Too few search results for your topic (ex: female teenagers and drunk driving)? Think about a broader concept under which your topic falls (ex: underage drinking) . Though it may not specifically mention your topic, it’ll allow you to to place your topic in a helpful context.
  • Not finding anything at all? Change the drop-down menus to search in Keyword (ke) or Entire Document (tx). Or, of course, just ask a librarian for help!

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Library Insider: Crunch Time Edition

In this edition of the Library Insider: Library News for Undergraduates:

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* Crunch Time @ the Libraries

* A Research Page Just for You

* Reserving a Group Study Room

* Tips from Our Tip Jar

* Fine Arts Library Closure

* PCL opens for 24 Hours

* Monstrous Science Study Break

* Featured Resource

* Research and Win a $10 Gift Certificate to the University Co-op!

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It’s Crunch Time! The Libraries can help!

Swamped with papers?  Need help finding sources for those last projects?

Just as students face the final crunch of deadlines for assignments, research papers and presentations, Reference and Information Services (RIS) in Perry-Castañeda Library, the McKinney Engineering Library, the Fine Arts Library and the Kuehne Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library (PMA) will promote the availability of in-person, drop-by assistance, subject librarian consultations and the UT Libraries Ask a Librarian IM and email services.

Crunch Time takes place November 9-11, and features giveaways, timesaving handouts and the ready availability of staff at service points.

A brief survey to ascertain awareness of service options will remain a part of this year’s activities and will be available from any EID workstation across the UT Libraries.  Students who participate will be entered in a prize drawing.

“Crunch Time” focuses raising awareness of relevant services at a time in the semester when students are likely to benefit from them most.  Staff are prepared to help students tackle research dilemmas and expedite the process of finding illusive bits of data and authoritative resources to support their semester-end work.

For more information, visit the Crunch Time website.