Looking for textbooks for your classes? Save time and money with these tips from the Libraries!

Looking for textbooks for your classes?

Use the University Coop textbook lookup site to find out what books you will need:

The Libraries do not routinely purchase textbooks for all classes held at UT. In some instances, however, we do have copies of the textbooks your classes require, or older editions of the same book. Here’s how to get your hands on them:

  • If your professor has told you that your textbook is on reserve in the library…

You can check it out at the Reserves Desk. Make sure you know which library it is held at. For instance, the Fine Arts Library maintains reserves for Art History classes.  Search for course reserves by professor or course number online.

  • If your textbook has not been put on reserve by your professor…

Ask your professor or TA to contact the library and request a copy for library reserves. Also, check the catalog to see if we have it on the shelves. Search by title or author, rather than ISBN, which is unreliable for textbooks. Be sure to check early!

  • If a book is checked out already…

You can use the  blue request button in the Library Catalog to recall it for yourself. The library will ask the current borrower to return the book. You’ll receive a notification at the email address you have on file with the university when it’s ready for you.

  • If you cannot wait for an item that is checked out, or we do not have a print copy of your textbook…

Search for an electronic book in our catalog, which can be read online with no download needed.  Many items are available in full text or preview versions on Google Books.

Need more help?….  Ask A Librarian!