Tip Jar Post #7: Keep Track of Everything You Read

Female student runs to the library to ask the librarian if she knows of a library book with a green cover.

Have you ever tried to remember a book you’d read, but all you could recall were a few details, like that it was about World War II and it had a red cover?  Makes it pretty hard to find.  Don’t let that happen to you again!  You can keep track of all the items you check out from the UT Libraries with one click of a library catalog button, illustrated by the tutorial below.

Collecting your reading history is entirely private and you can opt-out at any time. It works for anything you physically check out from the library – books, DVDs, CDs, journals, reserve readings, etc. It won’t collect items you’ve checked out from other libraries via InterLibrary Services, but you can view things you’ve checked out from them simply by logging into to your ILS account. Happy tracking!

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