Tip Jar Post #16: Study Spaces, the Visual Guide

When it comes to getting your work done, it can be hard to focus without the right environment, however you define it in your mind (ahem, your roommate’s laundry in the basket, not strewn about the floor). But, enough about right and wrong, what about where to go when you need to get your work done? How about the libraries?

From group study spaces  to solo study carrels to media-enabled presentation rooms, the UT Libraries opens its doors to you to find the most comfortable space to be productive.

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Two new Presentation Practice Rooms in PCL!

We’re happy to announce the availability of the two new Presentation Practice Rooms in PCL.  Both provide large screen projection capability of laptop content for group collaboration.

PCL 1.380 has a media:scape unit equipped with dual screens supporting up to 6 simultaneous VGA connector feeds, with audio.

PCL 4.106 has a single screen with three connector cable options, VGA, DVI, and HDMI, with audio.

The Presentation Practice Rooms can be reserved through the online Group Study Room Reservation System, where they’re listed separately from the Group Study Rooms.  Please reserve PCL Presentation Practice Rooms only when you intend to use the media provided. Thank you for your consideration of others.

Questions about reserving group study rooms?

Tip Jar Post #15: Save Money @ The Libraries

two students talk outside on the blacktop about ways the libraries can save them money
Getting a degree is expensive and with all the delights that Austin has to offer, it can be hard to manage your bank account without going into the red. Why not let the Libraries help save you a few dollars? Here’s a few ways we can help:
  • Of course, you can always check out books instead of buying them, but the Libraries also offer items like calculators, cameras, and other equipment that you can borrow. You can even check out the latest CDs and DVDs to host your own dance party or movie screening in your dorm room.
  • We know it can sometimes be a hassle to figure out what the library does or doesn’t have, so installing the LibX add-on will let you know what’s available from the libraries wherever you’re searching on the web from Amazon.com to Google Scholar to Wikipedia.
  • And if you’ve skipped on buying a printer for college, you can always come to the Libraries to print or copy or scan something to send to yourself for free.
  • Perhaps you’re already preparing for the next step in your career by applying for a graduate school. Need to brush up on the entrance exams, but don’t want to spend the cash? Use the Testing and Education Reference Center database to prepare for the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT and more.
If you’re curious about other ways the libraries can keep help, please make sure to ask! We were once in college too, so we feel you!
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