Tip Jar Post #20: Library Reserves Means Your Research Is Waiting For You


Sometimes your professors make life easier for you by setting aside popular, expensive, or rare resources that are part of your required reading for class.  Instead of having you and your classmates fight over politely share those resources, they are put onreserve. This just means that you can pick up the book or other required resource behind the check-out desk at any of the UT Libraries.  You’ll either need the professor’s name or the call number of the resource.

One thing to note:
As you’ll see in the below video, this also means that the length of time that you have to keep it checked out is less than the normal 28 days for books. So just keep that in mind when you go in to check out that book or article.

Check out this short video on how to find whatever reserves you need, no matter where you are:

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