Upcoming administration of 2012 LibQUAL+ survey

Between March 26–April 13 you may receive an email invitation to participate in our LibQUAL+® customer service survey.  The questionnaire will only take a few minutes of your time, and it will help the Libraries determine how to best serve your needs.  As a bonus, participants may enter a drawing for a chance to win either a new iPad (Wi-Fi, 16GB) or one of two Kindle Fires.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in the new SolarPump Charging Station on the PCL Plaza?

The new SolarPump Charging Station  that was installed on the PCL Plaza yesterday is a Green Fee-funded project.  Here’s the description of the project from the Green Fee website:

“Solar Powered Campus:  Develop a course that would build and install visible mobile solar powered charging stations in locations around the University of Texas. The goal is to increase interest in solar power at UT by increasing student involvement and knowledge of solar power. The mobile solar powered charging station will be customizable, transportable, and versatile. A commercial solar powered charging station will be purchased to publicize the proposed class. The course will be interdisciplinary and open to all university students.  The course is planned to give research study credit for degree requirements. The outcome of the course will be a fully functional solar powered charging station, as well as community interaction with solar energy.”

The SolarPump Charging Station is the work of Sol Design Lab, founded by UT MFA Design graduate Bethany Ferguson.

Check out the photos of the installation on Facebook.

Green Fee funds were also used last year to upgrade the recycling containers throughout PCL.

Mac VGA adapters now available for checkout in PCL

Given the popularity of our PCL Presentation Practice Rooms and the need for Mac laptop users to have an adapter to connect to the MediaScape units and flat screen TVs, we now have 6 Mac VGA adapters available at the PCL Check Out Desk.

MediaScape audio connectors are also available for check out for the MediaScape units in PCL 1.380 and PCL 4.110.

Each of these items is available for 24 hour check out.

Questions?  Let us know in the comments or Ask a Librarian.