Tip Jar Post #22 – Get a Job at the Libraries

So you’ve come back to campus only to find that the coffee shops have already hired all their baristas, teaching assistants have been assigned to classes, and all of the tutoring positions have been filled?  Don’t worry, there’s a perfect job waiting for you in one of the UT Libraries!

Student jobs in one of our 12 libraries on campus could be anything from shelving books, helping students with technology issues, checking out materials, or keeping students safe from vampires. Oops. Wrong library.

But still, the UT Libraries are a great place to work.  You can get your homework done while simultaneously memorizing every book, CD, or DVD that the library owns. You can also wow your friends by being the first to find their course books in the PCL stacks!

Go ahead! Fill out an application and come work with us!

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