Valentine’s Day Raffle Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Valentine’s Day Raffle!  Over 400 people took the time to share what they loved about the Libraries both online and in our libraries.  Here are the five randomly-selected winning responses:

“I love the seats besides the window on the 4th floor [of PCL] – the sunshine and the calmness there.  I’m really shocked and a little moved by how many Chinese books are here.”

“I love the Classics Library because it is a friendly, quiet place to study and work and it is true to its name!  It will never go out of style!  Roses are red, the OCT section is blue, Classics Library, we’ll always love you!”

“The staff are incredibly helpful if you are having trouble looking for books or other resources. I never feel uncomfortable asking them questions. I also appreciate that there is a great selection of recently published books near the front entry of the PCL because I often find myself picking through there and discovering new books to put on my ‘to read’ list.”

“The request system – it’s really wonderful to be able to pick up books and CDs up at the library in RLM, where I spend all of my time anyway!”

“I love that I have a beautiful working space at the FAL.  The large windows overlooking trees help me to be calm and focused while doing my work.  Additionally, everything I need is right around me.  I have to access to reference materials, Mac computers, printers, etc., not to mention the staff who have always been so helpful.”

Wondering what other people said?  Check out this word cloud that represents frequently used words in responses to the question “What do you love about the Libraries?”

Word cloud showing trends in responses to "What do you love about the libraries?"

Thanks to everyone who participated!