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Tip Jar Post #11: Googling for Books

You swear the library has got to have something on your topic, but you each time you search in the library catalog, you don’t get any results. No, don’t just go buy the book online, instead use the librarian’s secret weapon: Google Books!

Google has partnered with many publishers and libraries (including UT!) to scan books that are fully searchable online. While some books are out of copyright and can be read in their entirety online, most are limited in what they allow you to access. However, as a way to search for your topic, Google Books is a great time saver. Simply type in your paper topic, phrase, place, or name and see what books mention it. Then, using the Find in a Library link, check to see if the Libraries own the book for you to borrow. Even if we don’t, we can borrow it (free of charge) from another library. So get started with a more efficient way to search for library books and never miss another key resource for your paper or presentation.

Helpful links and Resources:

Learn how to use Google Scholar and Google Books

We’ve created two new guides to get you started with Google Books and Google Scholar. These tools can help you discover books and articles found online and at the University of Texas Libraries.

Google Books – Find books that mention your search terms anywhere in the text and let’s you discover books on similar topics. Once you find a helpful book, you can search for the book in a library or access the full text of select titles. Learn more!

Google Scholar – Search for articles, books, citations and more. Once you find a resource you want to use, it allows you to retrieve it from a database or search for it at the UT Libraries. Learn more!

Need more help? Just Ask a Librarian!

Google Books in the Library Catalog

The Library Catalog will now provide a preview window for titles that can be found in Google Books, include titles in the public domain that display a full view of the text.

Here’s an example:


Google Books allows you to search the complete texts of books provided by publishers and libraries. Depending on a few factors, Google displays everything from a few short excerpts to the entire book.

When viewing a title in Google Books, use the “Find this book in a library” link to connect back to the Library Catalog and locate the book in the University of Texas Libraries.

More information about Google Books can be found at:


Interested in learning more about Google Books and Google Scholar? Check out our Google Supersearcher classes! These classes are free, drop-in workshops that provide an introduction to these new research tools.

Monday, September 29
Class: Be a Google Super Searcher I
Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am
Location: PCL 1.124
Instructor: AJ Johnson
Want to get the most out of the Web? Learn Google search tricks, how to become an advanced web searcher, and how to evaluate web sites. Find out how to use specialized searches such as Google Scholar and Google Books with library resources.

Tuesday, October 7
Class: Be a Google Super Searcher II
Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Location: PCL 1.124
Instructor: AJ Johnson
This class provides a more in-depth exploration of new Web searching technologies. Learn more about Google Scholar, Google Language Tools, and Google Maps. Find out how to personalize Google and set up search alerts.