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Tip Jar Post #21: Traveling Back in Time with Historical Newspapers


You’ve probably seen the scenario played out tons of times in movies, cartoons, comic books or plays: someone with a hunch is hot on the trail of a mysterious lead and needs to confirm her suspicions. She treks over to the town library or archive and proceeds to pour through dozens of dusty papers dating back decades. Finally, after hours of digging (and sneezing) success! She’s found the original newspaper article that proves her hunch was right.

But what if you aren’t filming for a movie and don’t have a month to dig for the research? Not a worry — you can find a number of historical and archival newspaper sources available as digital copies from a few of the UT Libraries’ Historical Newspapers databases.

We’ve got almost twenty different types of historical newspaper databases to choose from, and depending on your research need, you’ll find they offer different types and scopes of coverage.  If you are looking for a newspaper that shows the entire paper of the newspaper as it was when it was published from the mid-1880s until about 20 years ago, try checking out any of the ProQuest Historical Databases: The New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

You can limit your searches to particular dates, types of articles (obituaries, reviews, front page articles), and email yourself the entire PDF of the article as appeared when it was first published.

Check out the entire video below for more information:

More resources:

Looking for historical photos? Check out the LIFE photo archive

Google Images is now hosting a collection of photographs from the magazine LIFE.  The photos date back to the 1750s.


Use the search box or use the browse feature to find photos of famous people, places, and events.

In a Google Images search, you can also add “source:life” to your keywords to limit a search to this collection. 


university of texas source:life