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Tip Jar Post #11: Googling for Books

You swear the library has got to have something on your topic, but you each time you search in the library catalog, you don’t get any results. No, don’t just go buy the book online, instead use the librarian’s secret weapon: Google Books!

Google has partnered with many publishers and libraries (including UT!) to scan books that are fully searchable online. While some books are out of copyright and can be read in their entirety online, most are limited in what they allow you to access. However, as a way to search for your topic, Google Books is a great time saver. Simply type in your paper topic, phrase, place, or name and see what books mention it. Then, using the Find in a Library link, check to see if the Libraries own the book for you to borrow. Even if we don’t, we can borrow it (free of charge) from another library. So get started with a more efficient way to search for library books and never miss another key resource for your paper or presentation.

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