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Library Insider, Valentine’s Day Edition, Spring 2014

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What’s Inside:

  • Why Do You Love the Libraries?
  • New Library Services – Pick It Up & Get a Scan
  • Featured Resource: Dance in Video
  • Nilsson Lecture in Contemporary Music Drama and Literature
  • Zines in the Scholarly World
  • Upcoming Library Workshops

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Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day raffle winners!


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Libraries hosted a raffle that encouraged users to tell us what they love about the Libraries. Drop boxes and posters were displayed in nine libraries to collect entries and a website allowed users to enter online, too. We received 410 entries across all of the collection points and provided ten winners with $15 Tiff’s Treats gift certificates and free coffee at Prufrock’s.

Here are some of the winning entries:

“I love that the library will find the book you need, no matter where it’s at! I also love the Architecture Library, it’s so beautiful! I always go there to study, the atmosphere is wonderful.”  Shannon M.

“I love the smell of the thousands of books all coming together in one place. I love the friendly disposition of the Benson staff. I love their peace and quiet. I love the diligence and eagerness with which we students study. :)” Sarah Harper

Rebecca Fine at the Fine Arts Library
Rebecca Fine at the Fine Arts Library

“I love the incredible collection of recordings.  And also the piano hanging from the upper roof!!!”  Rebecca Fine, sharing her love of the Fine Arts Library.

“I love that the UT Libraries, and the Mallet [Chemistry] Library in particular, are consistently clean, quiet, and comfortable.  The staff are always helpful and will take you to any resource if you just ask.  I not only feel more productive in the library, I am more productive in the library.  I love my UT Libraries and my UT librarians!”  Colleen Menegaz

“Lots of things! I love

-the quiet place to study
-a stapler and other office supplies
-friendly staff
-class textbooks on reserve
-internet access
-comfortable chairs
-long hours.

Thank you for all your hard work for students.  We really do appreciate it even though we often take it for granted.” Dylan Christenson

“I love the librarians and the staff at the libraries. They are helpful, always willing to ‘make it work’ and lend a hand. I’ve run in to the library stressed only moments before class and they always help out. They are thinking about what students need and what can help us. And they show an appreciation and love of our work and subjects!”  Jackie Dibiasie

“Quiet study space and big windows.  :)  Plus I can find out about I want — for free!” Karin Knudson

“The ‘IM a Librarian’ feature is the most amazing idea. Last night when I was struggling to write a paper and find the necessary research documents I just IMed a Librarian asking for help, and they were there to save the day! I’m not sure how I would have been able to successfully write my paper without them. Not only were they helpful, but also very friendly and really went the extra mile to make sure I had all the resources I needed. I love UT libraries!” Virginia Rollo

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We loved reading everything you had to say about the Libraries and hope we continue to earn your love and affection!